• Flexistretcher Strength Instant Video

Flexistretcher Strength Series- Instant Video




This video takes you through a series of exercises that focus on strength and mobility utilizing elastic resistance training methods with your Flexistretcher. Focus on high intensity full muscle activation reps for 3-5 sets.

Benefits will include:

  • Increased muscle mass, power and endurance.
  • Improved balance and mobility.

  • Important facts about strength training with the Flexistretcher:
  • Perform slow and controlled movements concentrating on the return movement and never letting the elastic snap back or loose it’s tension throughout the exercise.
  • Increase your exercise reps as your feel your strength increasing, but remember to always focus on performing the exercises with correct form and muscle activation rather than the quantity.  

    Devices: Instant Videos can be played on any web browser & computer as well as on all mobile devices.  You will receive access to both an iPhone & Android app for your phones & tablets, you may also airplay to your Apple TV and view it on your TV.  Streaming only, downloads coming soon.

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