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  • FLX Infinity Ball
  • FLX Infinity Ball
  • FLX Infinity Ball

FLX Infinity Ball




Get rid of your old tennis ball & foam roller! The innovative FLX Infinity Ball is portable and durable and makes the perfect self massage product! Here's what sets the FLX Infinity Ball apart : 

UNIQUE DESIGN // The FLX Infinity ball is uniquely designed providing a contoured shape which can effectively target key trigger points. 

PORTABLE // Unlike other bulky massage tools the FLX Infinity Ball is small and compact allowing for a more targeted muscle release and the ability to take it anywhere and keep up with your rolling routine daily.

DURABLE // In order to target the deep fascia where the tension has harbored and formed, it is necessary to use a ball whose size, material and shape can withstand intense amounts of pressure. The materials of a tennis ball keep it from withstanding large amounts of pressure while other balls like a golf ball are too firm and can bruise the muscles tissue.

EFFECTIVE MUSCLE RELEASE // Self myofascial release or trigger point pressure release involves applying pressure to the trigger point and increasing the pressure as the trigger point “releases” and softens.

ALLEVIATE PAIN & RESTORE MOBILITY // By rolling and applying your ideal pressure to tight areas you are able to release the muscle and ultimately avoid further pain, injury and decreased mobility.



FLX Infinity Balls from FLX NYC on Vimeo.

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